Beka Pribek



technical. creative. available.

I'm an experienced IT pro looking for a direct hire, full-time, remote position with a web development team.

Past roles I have inhabited include MSPs that offered web services. My web developer role within those organizations was a solo effort. I was the web team. Copy writing, graphics development, design, layout, technical implementation, integration, and social.

In my current role, I'm the on-prem IT resource at a facility that is part of a global corporation. This role encompasses management of hardware lifecycles, customer advocate, product support, troubleshooting, problem solving, and project management. Again, I have found myself in a solo role.

I want to work with a team and I need opportunities to advance my career.

I love solving problems and I'm passionate about learning. I'm confident that what you need, I can deliver.

Does it sound we might be a match? We should talk.




I created a very quick Django blog project with Python 3 and Django 2. Front end framework is Bootstrap.

Dejah hosted at


Gatsby and Fabric UI Demo

Learning React, Fabric UI, & Gatsby

Static Pages

Built with Hugo and the Future Imperfect Slim theme

Built with Bulma and VS Code



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Allied Title
Elite Wildlife Control



  • Wireframe > Mockup > Code
  • HTML
  • CSS, Sass
  • Javascript
  • PHP, Laravel
  • Python
  • Git
  • Wordpress, Hugo, Django
  • Bulma, Bootstrap
  • Learning React, Fabric UI, & Gatsby


  • Mac, Win, Linux
  • Active Directory
  • PowerShell
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Writing and Communciation Skills
  • Project Management